Nissan 370z 09-19 Manzo MZ-Series Coilover (Rear True Coilover Conversion) – MZ-CDK-NI7Z

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Our MZ-Series coilover system proves that you do not need to break the bank in order to obtain a quality suspension system. Designed for a purely street, sport set-up. Spring rates and valving have been designed to be conservative prioritizing ride comfort while still adequately controlling dynamic forces during aggressive driving. MZ-Series Coilovers Feature 30 levels of simultaneous compression and rebound damper force adjustment, rubber insulated front and rear top mounts, and full-length shock adjustability. Spring preload is adjusted independently from the damper shock length adjustment allowing to retain full shock stroke at any given height and allowing for further suspension tuning to truly customize the vehicle’s overall handling feel.

The 370z kits have designed as a coilover rear conversion with the OEM spring requiring to be removed during installation. Manzo MZ-Series Coilovers are protected with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

-Nissan 370z 2009-2019

Specifications and Features:
-Spring Rate Front: 12kgf/mm
-Spring Rate Rear: 8kgf/mm
-Internal Construction: Monotube
-Damping Force Adjustability: 30-way Compression & Rebound Simultaneous
-Full Length Adjustability
-Rubber Insulated Alloy Front and Rear Top Mounts
-Coil-Over Rear Conversion
-Off-Road Use Only